Friday, August 20, 2010

hop o nose

We made it down the Hudson river to Catskill,N.Y. today-experianced the effects of tides,winds and freighters but had a pleasant day-tommorrow we get the mast back up then slowly down the Hudson to New York City,weather and fatigue from mast raising will keep us here another night or so but they have a nice bar/restaurant and pool here.We had one last lock at Troy,N.Y. first thing this am and this lock had no ropes just widely spaced fat poles to slide one rope down-fortunately we had a mid ship line for Mike and I just fended off the bow.A hint for Ray and Debbie- one fellow had a hop o hop kids ball from a garage sale as one large bow fender-sturdy and cheap. This marina is called Hop O Nose marina and other pleasant cruisers to get advice from tonight.    chris

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