Wednesday, August 4, 2010

surviving locks

Made it through 3 locks today,always anxiety learning new tasks and manuvering around mast on deck but arrived in 1 piece here in Medina,N.Y. We were very upset with the acclaimed Wardells boatyard-saw the diesel sign and pulled up to the pumps where Mr. Wardell said in nasty voice that his diesel is only for sailboats that he takes the mast down, sure glad that we did not use his services, made worse by the next place that advertised the last fuel for 60 miles-all guidebooks listed diesel but he has no fuel so we used the 2 5 gallon tanks we brought.The bridge masters have been very helpful-even tonights dinner suggestions.Love the scenery and the adventure but not the heat.    chris


Amy said...

I googled that boatyard's reviews, here is the first one I saw: "this guy is crazy, he treats people like he owns the world. this place is a dump. I could go on ,but see for yourself--ask for dennis--you will see what I mean" :)

Anonymous said...

You're living the dream! Wish we were with you.

May be shipping Eagle with Clevand shipper. Talked to them today.